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Business Law & Litigation

How do you do business? Are you a sole proprietor or operating under a fictitious name? Are you a corporation (ā€œCā€ or ā€œSā€)? A Limited Liability Company or a Limited Liability Partnership? Do you have the appropriate documentation for your business?

Consult with Weissman Law Firm to determine the best structure and documentation to operate your business and to protect YOU!

Business Litigation

Contract dispute? Products not shipped or not received?

Someone interfering with your employees or contract?

Approximately 10 years ago, Mr. Weissman represented a local business that had been sued a case for patent infringement. The case was successfully defended. He handled a case of malicious prosecution representing the company against the Fortune 500 Corporation that brought the original lawsuit against his client. A verdict of $6,000,000.00 was obtained and affirmed by the court of appeal.

Recently, he repeated his success. He represented a local company that had secured a defense verdict in a patent infringement lawsuit. Mr. Weissman prosecuted an action for malicious prosecution in Orlando, Florida for that company against Dow Chemical. A verdict was awarded for $4.45 million. The United States Court of Appeal for the Eleventh District affirmed the verdict in June of 2010.

In a true David v. Goliath case, Mr. Weissman represented a woman against a recording mogul and studio to recover monies. She was cut out of the industry and publicly defamed by the same person. A judgement of $107 million was obtained for his client.

Mr. Weissman handled and obtained a defense verdict for a real estate broker in a claim of breach of contract and professional negligence. The buyer had sued the original seller for a piece of commercial property for specific performance. The seller filed its action against their broker. The defense verdict in favor of Mr. Weissman's client was affirmed on appeal. Mr. Weissman also obtained a judgement against the seller for attorney's fees of defending the action and the appeal.

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